Ecuador is a multicultural country, which has a great diversity of culture manifested in beliefs, traditions, clothing, handicrafts and modes of behavior. Textile crafts had a symbolic meaning for those who produced it, as well as for those who consumed it, but due to changes in social norms. these representations gradually became mere decorative motifs.

In 2017 I met Rosa Asqui and Manuel Asqui, a couple of textile artisans from the Cacha community in Riobamba Ecuador. With this couple we began to collect the greatest amount of iconography that existed in all the traditional fabrics that they knew how to produce and that the people of the sector where they lived produced. We gathered around 120 icons, most of the people in the sector did not know the meaning of most of these icons

With all the images collected we were able to decipher the way in which these icons are built in order to create our own icons endowed with a specific meaning to talk about our contemporary reality. In this exploration of shapes and meanings, we build a series of graphics to talk about the idea of building culture.

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