Azpeger is an Ecuadorian multidisciplinary artist who lives and resides in Barcelona (Spain). His work moves fluidly between physical and digital spaces, as he seeks strategies to escape binary modes of thought, speaking to themes such as spiritual materialism, hyperindividualization, and the social fabric.

In our cultures we have innumerable attempts to grapple with the abysmal question of origin. We can trace these attempts in writings, images, sometimes indecipherable codes or traces of all kinds; they will refer us to a dark nucleus, an incomprehensible nothingness, to the memory of the past, if you will. Those who venture to cross that abyss bring something with them, something that is deposited in their time and that even survives them. Those intrepid exegetes of nonsense, of chaos, operate as communicating vessels between temporalities without precise coordinates. AZPEGER is located there, as an exegete who seeks to make transparent, from his very particular point of view, those fibers from which certain things could be made. AZPEGER uses ancestral symbolic elements of Andean roots and links them with industrial materials that refer us to the pressing modern world.

These adopt sinuous and visceral forms that appeal to a certain idea of the human body, but dislocated, being part of a larger organic architecture to which it would be mysteriously linked. The bodies in his works then become part of a disconcerting and unfathomable fabric-world, whose forms AZPEGER will gradually unravel to, in a certain way, enter it. That this author is a muralist, tattoo artist and is venturing into the field of contemporary arts -from painting, sculpture, installation, audiovisual, photography, performance- confirms his vocation to meticulously investigate this symbolic fabric. inexhaustible. The set of his creative practices offers us visual horizons full of architecture, landscapes, skins and viscera, with which AZPEGER is imagining, today, visions closer to a foundational chaos of reality.
Daniel Alvarado Garcia


2022 Colectiva / MG9 / Manlleu Gallery /  Manlleu –  España.

2022 Individual / ZURCIREMOS / Bmurals / Barcelona –  España.

2022 Colectiva / ACA AMBATO / Comité FFF / Ambato – Ecuador. 

2022 Colectiva / TODOS ARRIBA / Piel de Gallina / Quito – Ecuador.

2022 Individual / TEORÍA DEL DISCO   / Galería  Onder / Guayaquil – Ecuador.

2021 Colectiva / SOTA / Teatro Bolivar / Quito – Ecuador.

2021 Individual / LA ARTERIA ECLESIASTA  / Museo E. Martinez / Ambato – Ecuador.

2021 Colectiva / FERIA DELFIN  / Galeria Espacio Onder / Guayaquil – Ecuador.

2021 Colectiva / DEALERS / Plaza Lagos / Guayaquil – Ecuador.

2021 Colectiva / ESTE LADO ARRIBA  / Galeria Onder / Guayaquil – Ecuador.

2021 Individual / ARMONIAS AMAUTAS / Casa Museo / Riobamba – Ecuador.

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