Imaginar un nuevo mural

Is the support project of the fifth edition of the Numu Urban Arts Festival to be held in the city of Riobamba between November 4 and 14, 2021,

it deals with the compilation of voices in an audiovisual piece generated from a series of interviews that were carried out with leaders and residents of the 21 de Abril, La Joya, Los Tulipanes and La Georgina neighborhoods, identified unique people from Riobambeños and the owners of the properties to be intervened during the Festival, the audiovisual document reflects the aspirations of the Riobambeña population around the arrival of the New Mural Festival, who through the recounting of memories, stories, stories, local culture, traditions or reflections on the social and political daily life of the city will center the bases that will allow local, national artists and foreigners involved in the Festival have a work input close to the Community in the framework of carrying out works for the Festival. In the process, the students of the Pedagogy in Arts career of the National University of Chimborazo UNACH will be linked, in a series of dialogues and workshops, related to the production of Urban Art festivals and the New Mural.
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