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Azpeger is an Ecuadorian visual artist, founder of the Matma Design Studio. He began painting in the streets of his city Riobamba at the age of 17. Working in the public space offered him the possibility of exploring street graphics and local symbols with total freedom, although walls are his natural means of expression, he completed formal studies at the Design School of the National University of Chimborazo.



In his work Azpeger interprets structural and iconographic elements of Latin American ancestral fabrics. He uses the square as a logical unit of organization and a bridge between symbolic thought and the visual languages of the Taitas (Ancient Masters) and their work, providing his work with a contemporary language of feel well, think well and do well. His work shows that the Andean world is more than archeology or folklore, which implies an awakening of ancestral knowledge, feeling and know how, based upon respect, complementarity and reciprocity with nature and cosmos, in order to become aware that everything that happens in our material and physical environment, is a reflection of our invisible essence of our being and our feeling.