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Azpeger is an Ecuadorian artist. He started doing graffiti at age 17. He graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in Riobamba (Ecuador), where his studio is currently located. His work deals with textile structures, and the design of iconography with andean characteristics.

Graphic designer, visual artist, founder of design studio Matma.
Azpeger began to use the street as a support for his art since 2008. In his work he interprets the structural and iconographic elements of ancestral Latin American fabrics. His illustration works have been published and exhibited in various countries such as Spain, Argentina and Brazil.
He uses the square as a logical unit of organization to transmit the symbolic thought of the ancient masters and their visual languages, thereby providing a contemporary tool for thinking, doing and creating. With his work he shows that Andean culture is more than archeology, anthropology or folklore … is an ancient form of holistic awareness, respect and integration with the different manifestations of life.